Hi. My name is Carl and I'm a tattoo artist and illustrator from the Chicago suburbs. I work at Sapphire Studios in Naperville, Illinois alongside an insanely talented crew.

I have been tattooing for just under twelve years now, and have developed my style over time to what is now a balance between cartoony new school, and some illustrative realistic elements.

My approach to tattooing is more centered on looking at the tattoo as an art project, as opposed to a mass produced product, which would be designed to fit your anatomy and have a natural flow. 

Although this approach can seem more time consuming, it will yield the best results in the end. And why not spend a little more time on something that's designed to last forever?

For anyone interested in my art, but not too certain they'd want to get it tattooed, I also sell prints of my illustrations, and take commission art projects as well. You can purchase prints from my online store here, or check my contact page for information on commission art!

I appreciate you taking the time to check out my work, and I hope I can work with you in the future!



I'm currently booking remaining 2022 dates, and booking out for 2023. 

2023 travel dates are coming soon!